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For an experience that is tailored to your event, Santa will customize his presentation to your needs. Duration of a visit can be from several minutes, for a home visit, to several hours at a business/commercial event.

If a home appointment involves children, you may wish to give the “inside information” about each child to us when you make the appointment or shortly thereafter. A kind of “naughty or nice” list.  Each child will be interviewed and presented with their gift and have their photos taken. You may wait until Santa leaves to open gifts or extend the visit to have Santa help.

Family Christmas parties are exciting and sometimes attention to every detail can be overwhelming.  Over the years, we have collected a list of 10 things to consider when having Santa visit and will include it with each appointment. The tips are designed to take the worry out of the visit so that you can concentrate on entertaining your guests. They give hints as to what to expect and what may be required so that you can enjoy the visit as much as your guests will. 

We are happy to consult with party/event planners to develop and present a program that is a perfect fit for your client. Santa is at home on a set in a commercial establishment and has a variety of clothing looks to choose from.  Please feel free to contact us by phone, text or email. (612)212-8167
We are available for Christmas card photo sessions with professional photographers. Special discount rates apply, limited availability.

If for some unfortunate reason, we are unable to visit you this year, we can recommend a substitute that will be a very pleasant alternative.

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